may the force be with you blocksWe all have our one, or two, (or seven) fandoms that we just LOVE to watch/listen to/read.  Be it a TV show, movie, series, or a band, we want to include that fandom into our lives.  While we want to have the things that we care about prevalent in our lives, we also don’t want to look like we are obsessed, especially to those who don’t understand the geekery.  Do not despair! There are ways to bring your geekdom into your home without alerting the neighbors.  Read below for five clever ways to sneakily bring your fandom into your home.

Wall Decals

You can purchase a vinyl decal and stick it right onto the walls of your home.  The fun thing about wall decals is that they are 100% customizable.  You can have them as large or as small as you want.  You also don’t need any additional hardware to hang it up.  If you are trying to be subtle about your fandom, it is probably best to put your decal somewhere more private than the living room, like in a bathroom or bedroom.


No matter what you are obsessed with: Star Wars, Sherlock, Disney, Doctor Who, Pirates, etc, there is some beautiful artwork that fits your fandom.  There is official licensed artwork and artwork done by local artists that is absolutely stunning.  Get it framed and place it on your wall.  Depending on how loud you want to be about your geekdom, you can pick obvious or subtle work to express yourself.  


Custom blocks are another cute addition to your home that will subtly share your favorite TV show or movie with the world.  Pick a favorite phrase to place on your customized blocks for the shelves around your home.  A favorite block design is to include a character silhouette with the famous character phrase.

Throw Pillows

Another idea to pull your fandom into your home is to get custom throw pillows for your couch.  They don’t have to be loud and scream “I LOVE MICKEY MOUSE!” if you don’t want them to.  You can get your favorite scene or moment silk printed onto a pillowcase or right onto the pillow itself.  You can incorporate symbols from the fandom, and again, you can make it as simple or complicated as you like.  


There are many options for custom towels to sport your fandom.  If you’re a “go big or go home” kind of person, you can get a large beach towel with your favorite characters or phrases.  For the less bold, you can get customized monogramed towels.  For example, if you are a Sherlock fan, you can get printed monogramed towels that say “221 B.”