snowman home decor piece on shelfAfter Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, your home may seem a little dull.  Without the pumpkins, scarecrows, Christmas tree, and nativities, your home probably feels bare.  You can only justify having your tree up for so long, and it seems ridiculous to set up for Valentine’s Day at the beginning of January, so what can you do to decorate your home without a holiday in mind?  Read below for tips and tricks to keep your home festive during the winter.   

Pick a Theme

Decide what your “January” theme is.  Do you want to turn your home into a cozy lodge or a snowman paradise?  Pick a color or color scheme to bring into your home.  Blues, reds, whites, and browns are a good place to start.   Of course, snowflakes are a popular choice as the winter months are full of snow.  Another cute idea is to decorate your home with little animals like deer, rabbits and hedgehogs.  If you are still strapped for ideas, you can decorate your home with lanterns with frosted glass.  After you pick a theme, the rest of the decorations will be a breeze.  

Pay Attention to Details

The difference between mediocre and brilliant is an attention to detail.  Make sure that you deck out every nook and crannie in your home.  Remember to place small decorations on your bookshelf, mantle piece, potted plants (a cute idea is recycle old sweaters and place them around the pot), and on your front door (a cute January wreath will do the trick.  Either string pinecones together, or make a blue ribbon and paper snowflake wreath).

Involve Your Kids

If you have young children, let them help you decorate the home with some home made decorations.  Cut out snowflakes, make felt snowmen on the wall (so they can decorate and redecorate them over and over again), and make gingerbread houses.  Another idea is to make candle wraps with your kids.  Wrap yarn around a can covered in wax paper.  Paint a mixture of glue and water onto the yarn, and let it dry.  When you remove it, you will have a perfect candle wrap.

Block Ideas for January

If you are looking to include blocks in your home, there are many cute phrases that you can put around your home.  Some fitting winter block ideas are: “Snowmen melt my heart,” “Baby, it’s cold outside,” “Let it snow,” and “Winter wonderland.”  You can put the blocks on your bookcase, mantle, entertainment center, or even on your nightstand.