paper hearts and photos taped to twigs in a vaseYou might think of Valentine’s Day as an occasion centered around you and your significant other, but it can also be a day where you think about and appreciate the many other special people in your lives—your family, for example. And one way you can show appreciation for your family this Valentine’s Day season is to fill your home with fun, seasonal decor. Here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day decor that your family will love.

Tree of hearts

For something simple, try arranging some bare twigs in a vase and hanging paper hearts from them. You could even just tape the hearts on the twigs to look like leaves. For an added special touch, intersperse some photos of you and your family.

Candy trees

Alternatively, you can pick up a few styrofoam cones in various sizes at your local craft supplies store. Paint them red, pink, or white if you like. Then, pick up some festive candies like conversation hearts, gummy hearts, or pink and white marshmallows and adhere them to your styrofoam cones. Top with a bow made from a coordinating piece of ribbon.

Candy house

For another fun decorative piece involving candy (and that you can make for your kids), you can try making a classic “gingerbread house,” only this time it’s Valentine’s Day themed. Involve candy like conversation hearts, red licorice, gummy hearts, and cinnamon hearts. This is one decorative idea where the sky's the limit.

Yarn letters

Pick up a few hollow cardboard letters from your local craft supplies store and wrap them in your favorite shades of red, pink, and white yarn. Spell out a message like “love” or “xoxo.”

Painted letters

Alternatively, you could get some wooden letters to spell a festive message and paint them in Valentine’s Day themed colors.

Mason jar candles

For another crafty project, you can try decorating a few empty mason jars and then placing candle votives in them for a festive centerpiece. You might paint a single letter or word on each jar—or go with a simple heart on each jar. Then tie a coordinating ribbon at the top of each.


Blocks are always a great decor idea because you can reserve a spot for them in your home and then switch them out for new blocks every time the season changes. For Valentine’s Day, you might try this “I Love Us” block set or this “Happy Valentine’s Day” block set.

Bowls of candy

You don’t need to be crafty to bring Valentine’s Day into our home. Try simply setting out a bowl or two filled with Valentine’s Day themed candy for the entire family to enjoy.